Precision Machining center

Spacenex is AS9100 Rev D certified company having state-of-the-art facilities of both machining & surface treatment catering to various sectors.

Its production facility consists of imported high precision CNC machineries which are capable to achieve tight tolerances along with consistent repeatability;

Shop floor has world class featuressuch as climate control facility, Epoxy floors, Microscopic deburring cell, adequate lighting arrangements, power back up and Ultrasonic cleaners etc;

Engineering team is very well equipped with latest CAM software’s and separate team is dedicated for in-house fixture manufacturing.

Machine Type Quantity X Axis Travel (MAX DIA) Y Axis Travel Z Axis Travel (MAX LENGTH) Tool Stations RPM
CNC Vertical Machining Centre VMC 4 Axis 3X 800 450 510 30 12,000
CNC Turn Mill Centre Turn Mill 1X 300 110 550 12 6,000
CNC Turning Centre Turning 2X 300 - 550 12 4,000
CMM CMM 1X 1000 700 700 - -
VMS VMS 1X 500 300 250 - -
Milling Machines VMC 4 Axis 5X 1100 570 510 30 16,000
Turn Mill Machines Turn Mill 1X 300 110 550 12 6,000
Turning Machines Turning 5X 300 - 550 12 4,000
Milling Machines VMC 4 Axis 12X 1100 570 510 30 16,000
Turn Mill Machines VMC 4 Axis 1X 450 110 550 12 6,000
Turning Machines Turning 6X 300 - 550 12 4,000


Spacenex believes in quality planning at every stage and process.

We plan to implement robust international standards such as AS-9100 and NADCAP. Please refer Roadmap section for further details.

Spacenex also is installing the highly advanced inspection & testing capabilities that are on par with any other matured company. We have below inspection capabilities to support precision machining.

1. Carl Zeiss CMM (ConturaG2)

  • CONTURA G2 direct: with scanning technology from Carl Zeiss; equipped with the VAST XXT scanning sensor that can measure a variety of work pieces
  • CONTURA G2 RDS: scanning of features in all angular positions with VAST XXT on the flexible ZEISS RDS articulating probe
  • CONTURA G2activ: self-centering probing, multi-point measurement of deeper features and reliable measurement of displaced features with size, form and position results also with high throughput thanks to the flexible VAST XT
  • CONTURA G2 navigator for increased productivity and high measuring performance
  • Integrated sensor changer rack for maximum reproducibility without recalibration

2. Rapid-I VMS (Video Measuring System) and contour tester

Rapid-I v4020JLX.Version 5.0 Software with powerful graphical overlay features, seamless CAD integration, automated report generation in MS Excel®, Snap-shot/Frame Save features, etc. This also has full CNC system and 2D Non - Contact Contour tracing module (XZ or YZ plane).

3. MAHR 2D height master

4. All other basic instruments from MAHR and Mitutoyo

  • Digital calipers
  • Digital micrometers
  • Bore gauges and accessories
  • Air gauges
  • Height gauges